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Why Should I maintain a family tree
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    In human life, roots play an important part in shaping a man's life. The knowledge of one's ancestors is important and documentation of family roots is the best way to preserve a rich heritage and is a record of smaller histories that make up the larger history of India.
      This site offers an opportunity to create, update and preserve your family tree online, find lost family links and share ancestral anecdotes.
      So go ahead and build a virtual family tree with your family and watch it grow.    More...
Child Labour AD2
The Kapoors have to date five generations involved in Bollywood.
Ratan Tata, was born in Mumbai December'62. He is a bachelor and lives at Juhu in Mumbai.
Nehru ancestor came down from that mountain valley to seek fame and fortune in the rich plains below.
Find birth dates as well as other personal information about your family tree members.
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